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About Me

Thanks for visiting my portfolio!

My name is Aijia, and it happens to be a palindrome (if that helps you remember it). I focus on interaction design, visual design, and front-end web development. I hold a bachelors degree in HCI from UW @ Seattle and a master degree from UC Berkeley School of Information. I have worked at companies like Microsoft, EMC, and eBay. Let's LinkedIn if you are interested in having a conversation with me.

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I was born and raised in Shanghai, China, where cultural diversity is highly valued and respected. This diversity has a huge impact on me since childhood - I learned to look at the world in differet ways.

Weekend Hacks

I developed passion for 3D printing and wearable technologies during college. In graduate school, my team built an interactive device - Cubits, for kids to learn fraction.


Outside work, I like to sing and play piano. Attached here is a song I recorded for a singing competition. 'Whistle Down the Wind' - one of my favorite Andrew Lloyed Weber's musicals.